In 2014, Tina and François fell in love in a newsroom and since create content together; documentary films, developing personalised content for media outlets (Evasion, VoyageVoyage) and brands (Gap, Coach, Uniqlo, Bloomingdale’s) and creating beautiful imagery for their travel vlog Wandering Lovers.


Tina Tenneriello

Tina is a master communicator thanks to her background and education in journalism (CBC, Bell Media, Videotron, Rogers Media) and marketing (l'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kleenex).

She has worked on every aspect of developing multimedia content : research, writing, reporting, filming, editing, hosting and content producing.  You may have seen her hosting CityLife and Breakfast Television, Montreal’s #1 morning show.

She is passionate about making a different through storytelling and inspiring other with beautiful travel content.  In 2013, she combined all those skills, travelling to Thailand to complete a documentary about the realities of human trafficking. The money raised was donated to the cause.  She currently works as a videojournalist for CityNews across Canada.


François Coulombe-Giguère

François is a master of video production, currently working as an independent director and videographer for various major media outlets (Bell Media, Groupe Serdy).

He fell in love with filming as a child, creating movies with his friends. After completing a bachelor’s degree in communications, he started his career as a TV reporter and host.

In 2006, he co-founded Productions 4 Éléments, a production company that has since grown into a success story (LG, Videotron, iHeart Radio, City of Montreal) with a dozen full time employees.

François also worked for 10 years as a newscaster for Bell Media radios in Montreal and Quebec City. You may have seen his weekly news raps on Rouge's Facebook page.