Philly Part 1: Rocky'esque Romance

Philly Part 1: Rocky'esque Romance

From now on, Philly will always be the place where we got engaged. 

My brother lives in Philadelphia and this was our second visit.  We absolutely love this city. Because, we have so much to tell you, we decided to break it down in two parts.

This first video is especially for Rocky fans (like us)!

Those who know the Rocky films, know they're about Philly.  If you're a fan we definitely recommend checking some of these spots out because they're authentic to Rocky's image. Raw, real and understated.

  • On our first night I surprised Frank by making a reservation at Victor Cafe.  Remember when Rocky retires and opens Adrian's Restaurant? Well this is it, and it's magical.  It's over 100 years old and all the waiters sing opera while you eat delicious Italian classics.  This is where Francois got down on one knee.  So romantic.
  • The following morning we stayed true to our Philly tradition and ran up the Rocky steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  There's a great path by the water that takes you there.  You can check out Rocky's statue and footprints at the top of the steps.

We also ran through the Italian Market where Rocky trained.  It has amazing food.  Stay tuned for more about food in our Philly part two video.

  •  Next, we headed to Rocky's old hood to check out Mick's Gym.  It's exactly what we expected. On the street corner is a pizza shop which was the bar where Rocky hung out. Across the street is Adrian's pet shop, which is now falling apart but was a pet shop for a long time.  We were lucky enough to have a local show us around.  This neighbourhood is true to what you see in the films, it's rough. 

Mighty Mick’s Gym
2147 N. Front Street

We also went to watch Creed while in Philly and I loved it, Frank says "it was O.K." ;)

This web site is an amazing tool if you want to find more Rocky filming locations.