Majestic Grand Teton National Park

Majestic Grand Teton National Park

We had not planned to go to Grand Teton National Park but thank God we did. We spent just one day there but it was one of the best days of our lives.

All musicians featured in this video are from Jackson Hole.

The park is only about an hour south of Yellowstone National Park.

When we arrived we were blown away; the park felt empty.  We had all this beauty to ourselves.  It was so refreshing after touristy Yellowstone.

We spoke to a park ranger who gave us great suggestions based on our taste.  We wanted to be alone in nature, to hike and soak up the beauty.  We also wanted to take gorgeous pictures.  If this sounds like you, we suggest you use our itinerary as inspiration but feel free to ask the park staff, they're so helpful.

  • First, we hiked about two hours to Heron Pond.  The most beautiful pond we've ever seen.  A gorgeous secluded hike where you discover a peaceful pond that's the size of a lake.  We sat in the tall grass and wildflowers, and soaked it in.
  • Next, we drove to Jenny Lake District and swam in South String Lake known for its warm temperature because it's shallow. It wasn't warm but it's a lovely place to float while gazing at the enormous mountains.  
  • Finally, we headed to Mormon Row, an area settled by a mormon community in the 1890s.  Several of the old barns and houses are still standing and are absolutely breathtaking.  

Just as we thought it couldn't get any better... The sun began to set and herds of bison came out in the fields around us.  We were safe in our car, but just meters away from these incredible creatures.  

The wildlife was the highlight of the day.  We spotted a moose, a baby fox and tons of bison.

After dark we drove to  the lovely town of Jackson Hole about an hour away.  We had a wonderful locally-ranched steak diner at Local.  It's pricey but the portions are big.  We shared a meal for one and each had more than enough to eat.

We had the most perfect night sleep at Inn on the Creek, a bed and breakfast run by the sweetest couple.  We chatted with them in the morning over a delicious homemade meal.

We hit the road early and stopped at the farmers market on our way out to pick up fresh food for the road.

We can't wait to be back to spend more time in Grand Teton National Park and the sweet town of Jackson Hole.