Georgetown - Seattle

Georgetown - Seattle

Seattle was the last U.S stop of our road trip. We officially drove across the country baby!

My friend Amina was getting married in Seattle which is what sparked the idea of this road trip in the first place. We figured we'll drive there and back and include plenty of memorable spots along the way.

Seattle is a pretty expensive city. So, as usual we looked through Airbnb and found a great affordable room in the Arts and Cultural centre of Georgetown.  We didn't even know what Georgetown was but we're so glad we got to discover it.  

Georgetown is an industrial art district next to the airport.  At first we were sure we were lost but then we turned a corner and ended up on the coolest little street, lined with trendy shops, restaurants and bars in beautiful old buildings.  It's the city's oldest residential area and dates back to 1851.

The Arts and Cultural centre rents out studios to artists and rooms to Airbnb guests.  It was really cool to stay with this artist community.  Everybody was so sweet and welcoming.  

On weekends vintage trailers park behind the centre for what they call the Trailer Park Mall, creating an awesome outdoor market.  Each trailer is filled with treasure; handmade goods, vintage finds and more. 

We didn't see much of Seattle because we were tight on time and there for the wedding.  But also because we were really feeling Georgetown.  We did see Pike Market, the Gum Wall and Capitol Hill.  But we definitely recommend staying here.   If you do, make sure you eat at Fonda La Catrina, we ate there twice, in two days.  It's absolutely delicious and super affordable.