Wine and Kootenays

After our stay in Vancouver we hit the road to visit friends in the Kootenays.

Along the way we stopped to visit some wineries in the Okanagan Valley; Mission Hill, Kalala and Quails’ Gate.  Our favorite was the small, organic and family run vineyard of Kalala.

After the wine, we spent the night in Kelowna.  Our time there was short and unfortunately we didn’t get to enjoy very much of it because it was packed with tourists.

The following morning we hit the road for Nelson, in the Kootenays.  We absolutely fell in love with this small hippie town, located on Kootenay lake and almost hidden in the mountains. Our friends recently moved to Nelson with their twin daughters.  By chatting and spending time with them we really got a feel for the Kootenay life. We were also there during the town’s summer festival.  Kids running around barefoot and dancing the night away.  Most of the food choices were organic, vegan or gluten free.  We had an amazing time and only wished we could have stayed longer.  If you’re travelling with kids this is definitely a destination the whole family will enjoy.